Mission Statement

The trustees of the Alexandra MM Gagnon Foundation have chosen as its primary focus to support the treatment and prevention of substance abuse and to fund scientific research into its causes and its cures, particularly as it pertains to young people. The Foundation will not limit its support to any given geographic area but will usually focus its attention in the communities with which Alex identified and to the institutions which gave her help and solace.

Our Trustees

Martha Ann (Marfi) Gagnon, Alex's mom - Chair
Jack R. Gagnon, Alex's dad - Secretary/Treasurer
Bodie Gagnon, Alex's brother
Cynthia Doyle, Alex's aunt
Mollie Doyle, Alex's first cousin
Robbie Doyle, Alex's uncle
Marc Street, Alex's friend
Paul Wilson III, Bodie's best man and family friend

Our Advisory Board

Mark Baumhofer, President of the YMCA Board *
David Brown, family friend
Karin Brown, family friend
Margot Goodwin, familty friend, Marc Street's mom
Neil Goodwin, family friend, Marc Street's step-dad
Rita Guastella, familty friend

You could say it is a family affair

* A member of the YMCA Board of Directors is a member of our Advisory Board and one of our trustees is a non-voting member of the YMCA Board in accordance with an Agreement signed between the Foundation and the YMCA on August 14, 2006, creating the Alexandra Gagnon Teen Center.
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