When kids need help they typically seek out their friends for advice. Unfortunately those friends usually lack the skills to recognize the issue and often are of little help. To address this, the Guidance Department of the MVRHS created the Peer Outreach Program in September 2006 with funding from Alex's Foundation.

Students are asked to name peers they feel they can talk with about issues. Those selected then attend a two-day, 12 hour intensive training seminar (held rent-free at Alex's Place since 2012) where they are taught how to be more effective listeners and helpers.

The participants then receive ongoing training during the school year. Professionals from the community teach them how to recognize and address issues such as chemical abuse/ depencency, depression and suicidal tendencies, eating disorder, stress management, teen dating violence, and sexual assault.

Starting in 2016, the funding will also allow the High School to offer the STING program (Smooth Transition to Ninth Grade) to the entire 8th grade class and the SWEAR program (Stand With Everyone Against Rape). Both programs highlight the philosophy of the Peer Outreach program which is to create a kind, compassionate setting for MVRHS students..

Over 40 candidates are selected each year bringing the total to 400 since inception. More than 100 are still at the high school. To date Alex's Foundation has provided close to $36,000 for the program and we intend to continue funding this very worthwhile project which will train an additional 40 nominated students in 2016.