I wanted to say thank you for the amazing experience you gave the kids at AMP camp on the Vineyard last week.

Especially my son, Edward, the guitar player.

He really had a game-changing experience and was deeply moved by the kindness and mentoring you both extended toward him.

Thanks also to you, he wants to attend Guitar Sessions at Berklee, which we had previously registered for and saved up for all year!

When he did the scholarship audition a couple of months ago, it really stressed him out and he started to feel that Berklee was just too much pressure; and that he's just a passionate musician that does it for the love of guitar, not for the notoriety.

He really didn't want to go, but after a great time at the Vineyard camp and you guys saying you'll see him in Boston, he wants to face his fears and go.

Thanks again for the amazing gift you give to young budding musicians. It is really admirable and heart warming.

Tony received this at the end of the summer from a mom who's son participated in Adrenaline Music Project week long music intensive here at Alex' s Place. Nice words about the impact of the programs we do our best to offer.