"The number one health issue on the Vineyard is addiction. Vineyard House was founded in 1997 to support treatment and recovery on Island. Three residences house 22 clients, 17 men and 5 women. Part of the Mission Statement of Alex's Foundation is the 'treatment and prevention of substance abuse.' Thus Vineyard House was the first ever to receive a grant and they have been receiving grants nearly every year since."

Our First Grant Ever, Nov 3, 1999

On that date Vineyard House (VH) received a modest grant of $1,500 to create a revolving discretionary fund allowing VH to lend the first week's rent to needy prospective residents.

Subsequent Grants

•   $20,000 between 2001 and 2003 to assist VH with the down payment for the purchase of a women's residence.

•   $72,500 from 2003 to 2010 for the creation and ongoing activities of a Resident Services Enhancement Project (RSEP) an in-house life skills program designed to encourage self-sufficiency.

Total grants amount tp $94,000 but because of current budgetary constaints, we can only attempt to resume funding in the future on a best effort basis.