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Our second grant ever was to the MVCS in 1999 for the creation and operations of an Adjunctive Substance Abuse Program which included acupuncture treatments, counselling, transport to and from the Island for treatment, etc. This program received $21,235 over three years and enjoyed some success but is now dormant as the principals involved with the program have since left MVCS.


Funded through the Visiting Nurses Association and run by former cousellors of the MVCS, the program sought to empower teenage girls and women by providing an interactive and creative program to challenge restrictive social norms. The arts and craft produced by the participants was exhibited once a year. Total funding by Alex's Foundation has been $9,390 and the program is now dormant.


This program oversees the Maritime Studies Program and our one-time grant was to fund vessel construction and provide the resources to grant scholarships to Island students for Summer maritime expeditions. The grant was for $5,000.


This is essentially a life skills program which addresses issues as simple as balancing a check book to becoming strong problem solvers and decision makers. Alex's Foundation has granted $8,000 to WE over four separate fiscal years.