"Martha's Vineyard is a beautiful Island beloved by the 100,000 who summer here each year and the 17,000 who live here year-round. In order to improve the qualtity of life on our Island, we need an opportunity to come together in a community setting that encourages family values and inter-generational activities, regardless of income levels. The Y is now a reality; a community center where groups meet, youth hold events, and generations interact in fun, positive ways."


$1,571,338 to date, as follows:

•   $24,000 to Creative Choices for educational, social and physical activities such as arts and crafts, homework help, cooking, group games, physical fitness, afternoon snacks. After two years, the funding was picked up by a government grant and included all age groups. Since that funding ceased, the YMCA picked up the programme under the umbrella of the After School Program for kids ages 5 to 12 and Alex's Place runs similar programs under the umbrella of HumaniTeen

•   $4,670 to SLIP or the Supporting League of Ideas and Projects to develop leadership and teach the basics of project creation and management.

•   $5,000 to TOP or Teen Options Program run with the Duke's County Sheriff and the Drum Workshop. An alternative to more punitive options for at risk teens. Activities included conflict resolution and anger management (social), the Challenges Rope Course (physical), and the Drum Workshop (musical).

•  All other funds to Alex's Place which has become a focal point for teens thanks to the innovative and creative genius that is Tony Lombardi. There is not enough space on this website to summarize what Tony has done to bring life to what could now be an empty shell if it were not for his initiatives and those of Laurel Whitaker, his equally ingenious and caring assistant. Find out so much more in the Program Book clicking on the photograph above.