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Last Updated on: November 1st 2017

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I can't express enough gratitude to everyone who make the Teen Center what it is today. Without you, the children of the Island would be in a very different place.

– Andrea’s Mom

I was so inspired and touched by what Alex's Family and friends have created in her memory. I wanted to let you know that your work has touched not only me but so many young people through this retreat and your work at Alex's Place. This retreat will prepare these young people to help themselves and others "to find their hearts and fulfill their dreams" as is your mission. I cannot fathom the pain of losing a child but am in awe at what you have turned this tragedy into. I want to let you know Alex's spirit and your work has touched so many lives. I hope I can bring her spirit and your hope for young people into my own work supporting high school students for many years to come.

– Peer Outreach Teacher

There is an extremely happy footnote to this story received in 2014. Xavier is now clean and Jason, the young man I met is now in college and doing really well. Proof positive that Alex's Place is making a difference.

– Ohio Mother

When he did the scholarship audition a couple of months ago, it really stressed him out and he started to feel that Berklee was just too much pressure; and that he's just a passionate musician that does it for the love of guitar, not for the notoriety. He really didn't want to go, but after a great time at the Vineyard camp and you guys saying you'll see him in Boston, he wants to face his fears and go. Thanks again for the amazing gift you give to young budding musicians. It is really admirable and heartwarming.

– Young Guitarist’s Mom

The Testimonials speak for themselves on how Alex's Place has enhanced the lives of many a teenager on and off the Island. In Summary, they speak to how Alex's legacy provides a safe and welcoming place for teens to gather to participate in a multitude of activities and programs It also speaks to the dedication of those responsible for the teens which make up what is Alex's Place.

  • Alexandra MM Gagnon Foundation

    Savannah Barnes & Gavin Leuenberger with the frame they designed for the Bulletin Board

  • Alexandra MM Gagnon Foundation

    Carly Simon & Noah Stuber share the stage at the BASE

Name: Cindy Doyle
Town: Vineyard Haven
Relationship: Alex's aunt
Why a YMCA on Martha's Vineyard?

"Alex's Foundation has funded a number of causes, mostly on the island of Martha's Vineyard. However beginning in 2006, before the YMCA had permanent quarters, the foundation has directed its grants to our youth by funding the building of and operations of Alex's Place, the Teen Center at the Y. And still with youth in mind, it has funded the Alexandra Gagnon Day for 7th grade schoolgirls as well as the Peer Outreach Program at the MV Regional High School."

Alexandra MM Gagnon Foundation

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